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Psychedelic Gathering:


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Koh Taen is an small isolated island near koh samui Thailand, with a population of 20 people. The local people has spent their lives to protect the astonishing nature of this island, therefor it kept its pure natural spirituality. It’s a magic island. our gathering will be held in the woods on the beach, a mixture of mystery and nature.



You can take a boat from koh samui, koh taen village pier, we will have our scheduled boat during the event, fees included in the ticket. If you need to leave the island, there will be small fisherman boat parked for the event 24 hours.

Medical Service:

If you need any emergency medical help, there is a basic hospital on the island, or you can take a boat to koh samui any time.


We have our camping area, you can set up your tent on soft grass, there are also a few hotel rooms on the island, but you need to book in advance.you can also take a room in koh samui, it’s 15 mins by boat.


Food provided 24 hours on the island.You can bring your own glasses or plate, but no outside alcohol allowed.

About us:

SENSE is a community which gathers like-minded people who sharing the same value about life, respect the nature and each other, who are willing to connect themselves with their spirituality and explore matters of the soul and consciousness to pursuit a deeper meaning in life.

Currently we are at our starting point, and we are having our first gathering on 3rd-6th Feb, the party lasts four days, but SENSE will continue to the edge of the universe.